Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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After dominating the NCAA tournament and NBA regular season, we roll right in to the last week of the NBA regular season and the playoffs.  I LOVE this time of the year.  Why?  There is a chance to make money EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  I have scouts and sources at every single game, in every city, reporting back to me information than the general public just doesn't receive.  Listen, I am STU FEINER, I am the source, YOUR source.  Do you think I can make it in this business three decades by not delivering?  I will hit between 68-73% in the NBA playoffs and my top selections will be higher.  Back to back seasons we had the Heat winning the championship.  Pay me I make you money, PAY ME, I save you money.  EVERY NBA game from now until the Championship in June.  Do not miss this chance!



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Daily Recaps & Preview-

4/22  -  Another sweep.  How about my clients pounding the Pacers and telling you the Wizards would win the game out-right.  You see my NBA record, you see my fathers record with the totals.  If you aren't paying me you are crazy.  TIME TO RAISE THE PRICES!

4/21  - Maybe the greatest call of my career.  I told all my clients to make the biggest bet of their lives on the LA Clippers - 8.  THEY WON THE GAME BY 40 points.  40 points!  I am on fire, ON FIRE.  The Grizzlies get it done too.  PAY ME RIGHT NOW.  THREE GAMES TONIGHT.  CALL ME, PAY ME, SLAM YOUR BOOKMAKER!

4/20  -  Like deja vu all over again.  3-1 on NBA sides and 3-1 on totals.  ANOTHER 6-2 NBA playoff day.  Is there anyone better?  You still have a chance to buy my NBA playoff package.  Do not let all these winners go by the waste side.  Pay me I make you money, PAY me I save you money.

4/19  - WHAT a start to the NBA playoffs.  3-1 on sides, 3-1 on totals!  My top play the Golden St. Warriors get it done and win out-right.  Guess what?  TODAY I expect to go 8-0.  If you are ever going to buy my plays, TODAY is the day.

4/18  -  The calm before the storm.  A nice day to pick up some cash in MLB before the NBA playoffs get started.  How about my free picks?  11-5 stretch!  You can make money on any and all of Stu Feiner's games!






The NBA playoffs are here and I have to tell you that I have laid out more money and have more sources and contacts this season than any year in the past.  I have had guys working around the clock in all 16 cities.  That is right I have my sources all around the country (And Toronto) and look to have the best NBA playoff run of my life.  You can't just take a stab at these games, you can't just guess, you can't just handicapp on your own!  Now, I am not giving these plays away.  These are plays that you should be moving between $5,000 - $50,000 on every selection!  I expect to have every game I expect to hit 70%.  That is right.  I know you have heard this before, but I put my money where my mouth is.  The proof is in the pudding.  This is the time.  Let's roll!


April 19 Selections:


Warriors+6 - OUTRIGHT

Thunder -6 - WIN

Pacers -7 - Loss

April 20 Selections:

Heat - 10 - WIN

Trailblazers +5 - OUTRIGHT

Wizards+5 - OUTRIGHT

Spurs-7 - Loss


April 21 Selections:

Clippers -8 - WIN (GOY)

Grizzlies +5 - OUTRIGHT

April 22 Selections:

Raptors -4.5 - WIN

Wizards +5 - OUTRIGHT

 Pacers-7.5 WIN

April 23 Selections (11-2 Start):


 Charlotte @ Miami 7:05 ET

 I am sure many of you like the Heat to move on but does that mean they cover this game?  This game was very tight until mid way through the fourth quarter.  The Bobcats are treating this like a game 7, will that be enough?



JUST $999.95

 Dallas @ San Antonio 8:05 ET

 The Spurs were put to the test in game one, will they be able to win this game wire to wire?  Are the Mavericks for real?  Will the real Dirk please stand up?  Texas showdown is a good one, but you need to pay me to win.



JUST $999.95

 Portland @ Houston 9:35 ET


The Rockets needs this game BAD, but are they going to get it?  Portland proved what type of basetball team they are in the first game.  Houston can win by 15 or lose out-right, which is it?


JUST $999.95



4/23- MLB High Roller




NL Central match-up that actually has some juice.  Both teams know these games matter, both teams know these are 2 game swings with each victory.  Pirates won a tight one last night, will they again?



JUST $19.95




LA Angels @ Washington Nationals 7:05 PM


 I am now hitting over 57% on my free selections.  People forget about just how good Gio Gonzalez is because of the staff he is on.  Let me tell you something, for my money he is in the top 3 southpaws in the game and top 10 pitchers in all of baseball.  The Nationals have been up and down but so have the Angels.  Give me the home team with the better pitcher.

 YOUR Winners ARE:  Washington Nationals-

 Current ONLINE Plays/Records:

Stu Feiner:



MLB Top Bet - 13-5


NBA TOP Bet (2014) - 63-36


Top Bet Run 22-7-1

Top Bet (2014) - 50-21-1

Unranked Games (Top Bet) - 29-15-2





I told you I have won this parlay for six straight years and now it is seven.  WIRE TO WIRE.


I told you it would be UCONN and the under.  In fact I almost hit the final score dead on.  I predicted a 62-60 final score.  I told you the game would be close but UCONN would won out-right.  My clients made $1,000's, $100,000's and $1,000,000 on this game.  We hit the Money Line, Side, Total and Parlay'd them together.  What a run we had in the NCAA tournament.  I am sad to see it go but I can now focus on NBA and MLB.



Howie Feiner:

Overall - 61-30-1 TOP BET Run

NBA TOP-  39-21-1 RUN

Godfather Special (Hoops) - 18-8

MLB TOP - 10-3

  4/20 Godfather Totals



I have been waiting patiently for the NBA playoff season.  While everyone focuses on the sides, I focus on what is the best way to make us money and that is the TOTALS.  I OWN the over/under in every game.  $25 per game can turn in to $25,000 if you play it right.  ALL TOTALS!


I am now 9-3 with totals!


 Charlotte @ Miami 7:05 ET


JUST $24.95



Dallas @ San Antonio 8:05 ET


JUST $24.95


 Portland @ Houston 9:35 ET


JUST $24.95




  4/22 - Giants vs. Rockies 8:40 PM


While everyone is focused on the NBA, we grab some cash with MLB.  This play is as easy as it gets.



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