Night Selections | September 16, 2017

286-190-10 Overall Run!

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Arizona Diamondbacks vs San Francisco Giants 9:05 EST

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Canelo vs GGG

I really think the fight goes one of two ways. I think Canelo by Decision or GGG by KO. This is one of the few times I have ever seen a fight that will go one of two ways in which you can make a profit betting both. 

Canelo by Decision/Technical Decision is +205. 

GGG by TKO/KO/DQ is +160. 

The judges in my opinion are in Golden Boy's pocket so if it goes to the scorecards Canelo wins regardless if GGG dominates the fight. 

GGG is going to have to KO/TKO to get the win. Canelo is also moving up in weight and even though he has KO power he will not be able to KO GGG. GGG was 345-5 in amateur fights, even though he possibly could have 8 losses in his amateur career, and 37-0 in professional fights and he has never been knocked down in his career. 

With that said Canelo is not going to be able to KO him, but I believe he is smart enough and quick enough to outscore him on the scorecards.

I am personally betting Canelo by Decision at +205, but a safe way to bet fight tonight would be to bet both and lock up a profit.